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A History

Since I was a small child I have always had a fascination of wood. The grain, smell and appearance of wood had always been a very wonderful experience. I love how it shaded the sun on hot days and how the leaves would dance in the wind and richness of the leaves as they changed colors just before the end of fall. Even in the harshest of winter the trees have a mystic aura as snowflakes and ice laminate the bark as if dressing it to protect it until the thaw. It was this love that has carried into my adult life.

Learning The Trade

When I met my husband we both would marvel at the eloquence and majesty of trees. We knew at some point in our lives we would turn that love into something beautiful. We started by taking some classes on how to turn bowls, goblets, and pens. Every project that we turned made us love wood even more. We also took classes on the making of cutting boards and spoons. One of our instructors talked about the characteristics of burls and so we went into our friend’s woods and hunted for some and found this humongous burl on a very small dead tree and so we turned a bowl turned of cherry burl from that tree.

Living The Dream

We still have that bowl as it sits proudly on our end table. We both are happy with the path we have chosen and still are excited to pick out special wood patterns and unusual features in the wood as we design our boards. We are happy to bring them to you and hope you enjoy them and appreciate them as much as we do.

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